Introducing Soupcon Catering

High quality delicious meals and freshly baked cakes ready for your arrival!

High quality delicious meals and freshly baked cakes ready for your arrival!

We’re excited to be teaming up with a local catering company who are passionate about fresh and local food and try to use as much high quality local produce as they can.  We know that sometimes after a long journey you arrive at your holiday destination and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner or try and find a good local restaurant!  Why not give Soupcon Catering a try!

Soupçon Catering

Why not make the most of your stay in Devon and enjoy some of our frozen ready
meals. Being passionate about fresh and local food we try to use as much high quality,
local produce as we can. We only use free range chicken and the meat is reared locally.
All meals come with full cooking instructions and can be cooked from frozen.
Soupçon Catering also offer freshly baked cakes. Why not try a traditional victoria
sponge or yummy chocolate loaf.

Have a look at our menu below. We also cater for
parties and celebrations and are very happy to discuss details with you.
Please make sure you give us at least 5 days notice and we will deliver free of charge
straight to your holiday cottage at Newhouse Barton on the day you require the meals.

Frozen Ready Meals Cakes Made To Order
Serves 1 Serves 4
Chilli Con Carne £4.00 £15.00 Victoria Sponge £5.50
Beef Lasagne £4.00 £15.00 Chocolate Cake £6.00
Cottage Pie £4.00 £15.00 Light Carrot Cake £6.00
Coq Au Vin £4.50 £17.00 Coffee And Walnut Sponge £7.25
Chicken Curry £4.50 £17.00 Fruity Banana Bread £6.00
Pork & Chorizo Casserole £4.00 £15.00 Double Chocolate Loaf £5.00
Chilli Con Beany £3.50 £13.00 Lemon Syrup Loaf £4.50
Chickpea Curry £3.50 £13.00 Carrot Loaf £4.50
Ratatouille £3.00 £11.00 Sticky Gingerbread Loaf £5.00
Venison Casserole £5.00 £19.00
Devonshire Pork £4.50 £17.00
Butternut Squash Tagine £3.50 £13.00
Fish Pie £4.50 £17.00
Roasted Pumpkin And Spinach Lasagne £4.00 £16.00
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie £3.50 £13.00
Nutroast (Serves 3-4) £3.50

For orders or enquiries please contact us on:

Soupçon Catering Ltd Mobile 074 0747 6278
The Old Police House Email
Devon TQ9 6AU

We hope you have a wonderful holiday in beautiful Devon!

Preveen Michael & Sibylle Dowson
Soupçon Catering

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